The import of Japanese fish

About us


We are facing ever-increasing violent changes of global seafood trading environments, such as an exhaustion of fishery resources and fluctuation of foreign exchange rates.

Despite of these challenges,
Tokushima Daisui Uoichi Co., LTD. is making steady and persistent efforts to
expand our business, thanks to our dependable global and domestic areas of
production, and highly reliable customers.

Let us introduce you our actual results of import and
export up to now.




Case 1

Exported frozen Pacific Saury(55pcs/7.5kg, Iwate-ken origin) to customers in LA and NY

Case 2

Exported frozen Pollock (400 ~ 500gr/pcs, Hokkaido origin) and frozen Sailfin Sandfish(90 ~ 100gr, Aomori-ken origin) to customers in LA. Frozen Pollock (400 ~ 500gr/pcs) to customers in Busan, Korea

Case 3

Exported frozen Anchovy (14 ~ 15cm, Tokushima-ken and Tottori-ken origin) to customers in Busan, Korea

Case 4

Exported frozen Skate (Hokkaido origin) to customers in Busan, Korea

Case 5

Exported frozen Hamachi (Yellow Tail) Fillet (2.0kg/pcs up, Kagoshima-ken and Ehime-ken origin) to customers in LA

Case 6

Exported dried Sea Cucumber (Kansai origin) to Qingdao and Dalian, China.
Exported salted Sea Cucumber (Kansai origin) to Seoul, Korea

Case 7

Exported frozen Ribbonfish (Wakayama-ken and Ishikawa-ken origin) to customers in Busan, Korea.

Case 8

Exported frozen Octopus Vulgaris (Peru origin)  to customers in Bangkok, Thailand

Case 9

Exported a various Fresh seafood, such as Pollock, Stingray, Ribbonfish, Mackerel, Japanese Red Seabream, Japanese Black Porgy, Japanese Yellow Seabream, Gizzard Shad, Brown Croaker, White Herring, Bloody Clam to customers in Busan, Korea


Besides, through the collaboration with domestic trading companies, we have exported Frozen Japanese Spineless Cuttlefish, Gizzard Shad, Herring for Chinese market. Also we have a record of sales of frozen value added products for American market.


Case 1

Imported frozen Chirimen (Anchovy) of Indonesian, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean origin to Japanese Domestic market

Case 2

Imported frozen Sushi material (Thai origin), such as Sushi Ebi and Ika Slice into domestic market.

Case 3

Imported fresh Blue-fin Tuna (Korean origin) and frozen Hamachi into domestic market.

Case 4

Imported fresh Yellow-fin Tuna (Indonesian and Thai origin) into domestic market.

Case 5

Imported frozen Octopus Vulgaris (Peru origin) into domestic market.



For International Customers

For International Customers, please contact Mr. Brian Lee at or
mybrian7 (Skype).




Welcome to Tokushima Daisui Uoichi Co., LTD.

CEO & President  生原 靖久 NOBUHISA IKUHARA

生原 靖久


  • Entered Tokushima Daisui Uoichi Co., LTD. in April, 1982
  • Became member of Board of Directors in May, 1999
  • Assumed the position of Managing Director in May, 2001
  • Became Executive Director in April, 2006
  • Took Presidency in July, 2010


  • CEO & President of Tokushima Daisui Uoichi Co., LTD.
  • Member of Board of Directors of Tokushima Daisui Cold Storage Co., LTD.
  • CEO & President of Tokushima Daisui Foods Co., LTD.
  • CEO & President of Island Classic Foods CO., LTD.

Today, the total food situation in Japan is at risk. We are handling the truly
indispensable items in our human life. The ratio of food self-support of Japan is
approximately 40%. I think that if this figure is approaching 100%, if might be
referred to as ideal. We are confronting a tremendous amount of problems in our
efforts to increase this figure. For instance, finding reliable suppliers for secure
living of manufacturers leads to the protection of foods for all consumers.
Setting our mission of protecting manufacturers and providing reliable seafood
for our consumers, we will make relentless efforts to achieve it.





Company Profile

Company Name Tokushima Daisui Uoichi CO., LTD.
Address 4-1-38 Kitaokinosu Tokushima Japan 770-0872
(inside of Tokushima Central Wholesale Market)
Products Fresh Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Dried and Salted Seafood,
Wholesaler of Processed Seafood, Wholesaler at the Seafood
Section of the Tokushima City Wholesale Market
(On February,13th,1973,registration granted by Japanese Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries.)
Year of Founding June, 28th, 1954
Capital US$300,000
Closing Date of Fiscal Year March, 31st
Sales US$83,000,000(in 2013)
Employees Total of 50 employees(Male:40, Female:10, Average Age:37)
Main Banks
  • AWA Bank Central Market Branch
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Tokushima Branch
  • Shikoku Bank Tokushima Central Market Branch
Affiliated Companies
  • Tokushima Daisui Cold Storage Co., LTD.
  • Tokushima Daisui Foods Co., LTD.
  • Island Classic Foods CO., LTD.
Opening of Auction Market 5:30 AM
Facilities Auction Market 1385 ㎡, Wholesale Market of Low Temperature 196㎡, Wholesale Market of Medium Temperature 130 ㎡, Office Space 473 ㎡, Quay wall to unload seafood products 300 ㎡, Industrial Large-size Ice Machine, Ice Storage House, Refrigerator, Freezer AS-class AS, Water Tank for Live Fish(5 EA)


June, 1954 Incorporation with the capital of US$26,000 amid the tumultuous post-war period flooded with seafood markets. Establishment of Tokushima Daisui Uoichi Co., LTD. with its main store in Nakazucho 1-chome.
October, 1956 In 1956, Kengyoren Uoichiba was set up in the Tokushima City-owned area in Bandaicho. Tokushima Daisui entered this market. Relocated its main store into Bandaicho six-chome.
September, 1966 Increased its capital to US$140,000
November, 1966 Founding of Tokushima Daisui Cold Storage Co., LTD.
June, 1969 Increased its capital to US$250,000
February, 1973 Tokushima City Central Wholesale Market was completed in Kitaokinosu 4-chome, which is the current location. Upon entering this market as seafood wholesaler, Tokushima Daiusi Uoichi Co., LTD. also moved its main store
May, 1984 Increased its capital stock to US$300,000
May, 1986 Established Tokushima Daisui Foods Co., LTD.
March, 1998 Significantly strengthened market function with the completion of a leading
low-temperature wholesale market in the west of Japan
June, 2000 Completed medium-temperature wholesale market for salted & dried products.
February, 2008 Set up Island Classic Foods Co., LTD.
July, 2010 NOBUHISA IKUHARA was appointed CEO

Main Products

Business Performanse during April, 2010~Marchi, 2011


Products Sales(JPY) Amount(㎏)
Yellowtail 652,429,539 668,627
Hamachi 574,822,466 780,510
Ribbonfish 506,022,791 953,202
Tuna 410,701,367 408,866
Squid 247,223,263 573,727
Red Sea Bream 161,664,515 183,463
Horse Mackerel 156,419,069 383,577
Mackerel 133,395,175 523,418
Saury 131,471,362 234,891
Octopus 127,684,101 193,420
Baby Maguro 124,025,753 187,807
Skipjack Tuna 108,092,901 215,819
Shortneck Clam 94,562,978 787,052
Spanish Mackerel 85,828,876 141,818
Sea Cucumber 70,520,377 57,391
Bastard Halibut 64,179,872 40,351
Jap.Flying Squid 61,906,732 197,700
Abalone 57,288,848 14,545
Goby 50,541,953 157,030


Products Sales(JPY) Amount(㎏)
Chum Salmon 272,864,058 332,871
Fish Meat 232,924,335 637,300
Frozen Shrimp 106,583,550 105,027
Frozen Octopus 101,852,407 100,219
Frozen Saury 90,808,271 414,319
Frozen Squid 53,984,839 99,517


Products Sales(JPY) Amount(㎏)
Dried Anchovy 467,262,763 371,707
Chum Salmon 301,578,582 405,742
Salted Mackerel 288,592,085 521,226
Boiled Anchovy 107,853,471 149,984
Herring RoeRoe 106,049,209 38,769
Salted Saury 91,827,188 251,578

This table only includes products with sales of over JPY50,000,000
(As of July, 2011)

Who We Are


Who are Wholesalers?

With the permission of the Japanese ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,
wholesalers sell products consigned by manufactures of shippers to brokers or trading
participants in an open bid. The wholesalers play pivotal roles in terms of the function of the

How We Do Wholesales?

  • Auction
    This is a general way of doing transactions. In our seafood section of the Central Wholesale
    Seafood Market, hand signs and voice are used for auction.
  • Person-to-Person Sales
    Buyers and sellers decide on the price by bargaining.

Fresh Products Sec.1

We provide excellent wild fresh products such as Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Sardine,Saury, Skipjack Tuna, Yellowtail, which are also called external ‘blue-color fish’ in Japan. Other products include Japanese Smelt (farmed), Tuna (caught at home and abroad), various shellfish (Oyster, Scallop, etc), Salmon, Crab (Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab, etc), Fresh Water Fish (Eel) and its processed products.


Auction for Blue-color Fish


Preliminary Inspection for Tuna


Auction for Tuna


Auction for Special Species


Fresh Products Sec.2

We supply outstanding natural products, for example, live fish, fresh fish, shellfish, Octopus, Squid, etc. We also do farmed fish, for instance, Yellowtail, Greater Amberjack, Snapper, Hamachi.


Nationally Famous‘Naruto’Snapper




Auction for fish from neighboring sea


Sale preparations for cultured live fish


Frozen &Salted Products Sec.

We produce a number of top-notch processed seafood and food as follows : i) Frozen Products: Shrimp, Salmon, Crab, Saury, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, ii) Anchovy (boiled), Horse Mackerel (Butterfly-type), Mackerel (Salted and Dried), sea food side dish.


Low Temperature Wholesale Store


Showcase at Low Temperature Wholesale store


Bargaining with Customers


Medium Temperature Wholesale Store


Dried Anchovy (from Shirasu)


Business Support Sec.

We unload and gather goods as well as prepare for auction.


Unloading Dock


Loading and Unloading Work


Trade Sec.

We are in charge of import & export of a wide array of seafoods. Our major markets are USA and South Korea. Weare import from China and Indonesia.

General Sffairs Dept.

Responsibilities to include General Affairs, Personnel Management, Bookkeeping, Sale on Account, Credit Purchase, Trading Accounting, Computer & Information Management.


General Affairs Department